Our Recipes

Let us inspire you to fuel your own fire at home with some of our favourite recipes.

Join us on a journey through the seasons – from pickling and preserving nature’s bounty to more everyday family style recipes, we hope there’s something here for everyone. We want to share with you a myriad of over-the-fire cooking techniques and recipes to help you on your way to becoming a more confident outdoor cook. Along the way we will share with you recipes from our travels as well as little nuggets of wisdom we’ve sometimes learnt the hard way.


Cooking over fire is as much about spending time in the great outdoors with friends or family as it is about the food. With that in mind please do take the time to enjoy yourself, don’t get too caught up in strictly abiding by the “rules”, cooking over fire is about instinct and being adaptable. Don’t be afraid to rake the coals to where you need them or build up the fire in another part of your pit.

Watch us on Fire, Smoke and Iron

Proud to be featured on Chow Time – watch our series all about wild seasonal ingredients and the rich smoky flavours that fire can bring to your cooking, sharing forgotten ingredients and mouth watering recipes to create a true feast over fire.