About Us

A celebration of seasonal food and open-fire cookery through the coming together of people beneath the trees, creating delicious food from nature’s humble ingredients.

We offer bespoke outdoor experiences inspired by the natural world around us and fuelled by the flickering flames of our fires.

It’s our greatest pleasure to share our passion for local, seasonal and wild, welcoming thousands of people every year to our wide range of cookery courses, dining events and wellness collaborations.

With a philosophy built around relaxed but informative learning with the spectacular natural landscape as our backdrop, our team delivers experiences that have our guests returning time and time again.


Cookery Courses

Learn the art of cooking with fire and smoke, cooking a seasonal feast, creating delicious meals in a relaxed and informative environment beneath the trees. Courses including cookery, butchery and foraging in the great outdoors.

Foraged & Wild Food

When done carefully and sustainably, foraging is a great way of connecting with our natural environment and making the most of the ingredients on our doorstep.

Wild Game Butchery

Our seasonal game butchery and cookery courses are perfect for people who love the distinctive flavours of these wild meats, but are unsure how to cook with them.

Wild Wellness

Join us in our woodland glen throughout the seasons at one of our mindfully inspired experiences, all combined with a seasonally and locally inspired meal. Includes wild movement, woodland yoga, forest bathing, sound baths and more!

Creative Art Workshops

Our food and art collaborations guarantee a warm welcome, a gentle dose of mindful creativity and a seasonally inspired meal. In collaboration with Surrey Art School – a school of creativity for wellbeing, inspired by nature and the seasons and rooted in mindfulness.


Bring a little Salt Box into your home with our range of products here in our online shop, including enamel mugs perfect for the great outdoors. From hand-carved fire strikers and field notebooks, to our signature tees and personalised gift vouchers.

Corporate Experiences

We offer bespoke outdoor corporate experiences inspired by the natural world around us and fuelled by the flickering flames of our fires. Activities include open-fire cookery, foraging, firelighting, creative workshops and wild wellness.

Seasonal and Wild

The Salt Box was born out of a passion for seasonally inspired, locally sourced and wild ingredients. Since we founded back in 2017, we have strived to bring people together through a shared love of food, whilst also reconnecting people with what’s on their plate. We are committed to strengthening our local food community and do our very best to support local.

Food ought to be simple and ours is, seasoned with smoke and a few select spices. We focus on cooking with what the land provides us, moving with the bounty of the seasons. Root to fruit and nose to tail – this is the foundation upon which we craft our menus.

Our fires are the engine room of our experiences, fuelled by sustainably harvested wood, we embrace traditional, nomadic fire cooking techniques which add a unique complexity of flavour and texture to our dishes.

Our Woodland

All our experiences take place in the great outdoors, here at our home on the Priory Farm Estate in the village of South Nutfield in Surrey, just a 35 minute train journey from Central London.

A bumpy farm track, lined with ancient hedgerows and wildflower meadows, leads guests up our woodland path to our glen, where you’ll find our open-sided shelter and teepee nestled beneath beautiful oak, birch and hazel trees.

Nurture Through Nature

Our experiences empower people with the knowledge they need to live a wilder, healthier, happier life in tune with nature. 


Getting outside and into nature is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve our immune system and have incredible benefits for mental wellness. And since the pandemic, we know that the need to look after our well-being has never been higher on the agenda.


Throughout the seasons, we forage through our hedgerows, woodlands and meadows, introducing our guests to the tasty morsels that nature’s larder has to offer. When done carefully and sustainably, foraging is a great way of connecting with our natural environment and making the most of the ingredients on our doorstep. You can’t get more local than your nearest hedgerow!


We also focus strongly on wild game, an underrated, healthy, ethical and environmentally friendly food that we carefully and responsibly source from local estates with respect to the game seasons.

Championing Local

There is an undeniable power in the collective. We do our very best to support local. Surrey is a hub of creativity, full of wonderful people doing incredible things. We have been extremely lucky to work with a long list of incredible, inspiring people in and around Surrey who we not only share our common values with, but also provide us with new perspectives, trigger our creativity and generally are a great help as we continue our adventure!

We are committed to strengthening our local food community and work closely with local farmers and artisans who harvest and produce outstanding products at the peak of their ripeness and flavour. It’s fresher, hasn’t had to travel far, keeping our money in the local economy.

There’s nothing we love more than getting our wellies on and working directly with independent suppliers we trust – dedicated producers who truly care about what we eat.  We forge strong, working relationships that often blossom into friendships. It’s how we can be absolutely sure about quality and provenance. It makes for a pretty great day out too.

Do you have a product we may be interested in? Get in touch and pop in for a cup of tea, we’d love to chat.

Our Story

Founded by Beckie and Christian in 2017, we spent our first few years running pop-up dining experiences, in and around Surrey. We set our tables on local farms, breweries and between the vines at our favourite vineyards, introducing our feasts over fire to our local community. 


In Spring 2019, following a successful Crowdfunding Campaign, we opened Surrey’s first Woodland Cookery School on the beautiful Priory Farm Estate.


Whilst 2020-2022 presented a number of Covid related challenges, we have steadily grown over the years and love nothing more then sharing our passion for all things wild with our guests.

Christian cooking sausages over the fire, about The Salt Box
Christian lighting a fire with hay at The Salt Box, about the salt box
Beckie from The Salt Box looking up into the woods, about the salt box