Wood Fired Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese, sandwich, leftovers, cheese
Grilled cheese, sandwich, leftovers, cheese
Grilled cheese, sandwich, leftovers, cheese, Sprout top kimchi, Kimchi

These wood fired grill cheese sandwiches are a brilliant way to use up any leftovers you might have knocking around in the fridge.  Truth be told this is a rather overly indulgent way to eat any leftovers, but I think it’s definitely worth the extra calories.

We are going to pair this up with some sprout top kimchi, the fiery heat with the cheese and leftover meat is just incredible. If you can’t be bothered to make the sprout top kimchi then feel free to use shop bought kimchi, the flavour will still be amazing. The kimchi adds a spicy umami depth that just works so well in the sandwich.

I don’t know about you but a well made grilled cheese is possibly one of life’s simplest yet most delicious pleasures there can be. The addition of fire and smoke only make everything better!


Recipe per sandwich

2 slices sourdough
1 tbsp soft butter
60g sliced cheese – mature cheddar, red leicester or mozzarella are all solid options
1-2 tbsp sprout top kimchi, or shop bought kimchi, drained of any brine
150g leftover roast meat, shredded (turkey, pork, gammon, chicken or beef will all be amazing)



Set up a nice bed of coals and place a heavy skillet over a medium heat or place a grill rack over the coals. The skillet will catch any cheese that escapes and create nice crisp edges, the grill allows the butter to drip through making the sandwich slightly less greasy but both will create the most delicious snack!


Place the two slices of sourdough onto a chopping board, place slices of cheese on top of both slices of sourdough.

Evenly spread the leftover roast meat on to one slice of the bread. Top the meat off with the sprout top kimchi.

Carefully lift the unladen slice of cheese topped sour dough on top, pressing everything down firmly. Butter the top of the sandwich with half of the butter and place butter side down onto the grill or skillet. You’re looking for a nice medium heat, you don’t want the grilled cheese to burn but you don’t want it to be soggy either so just keep an eye on the heat.

Butter the other side of the sandwich, once the bottom of the sandwich is golden carefully flip the sandwich over and allow to toast on the other side.


The cheese should now be incredibly gooey and the roast meat heated through. Make sure the meat is piping hot before serving, you could use a temperature probe making sure the core temp is hitting 70.c or over.

Remove the sandwich to a chopping board and cut diagonally in half. Depending on how much heat you like you could serve with a sriracha mayo and if you don’t a nice roast garlic mayo would work a treat.

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