Wild Garlic Butter

We can turn wild garlic into a myriad of flavour enhancing condiments, ferments and pickles but sometimes there is a real purity in just keeping things simple. Wild garlic butter is probably the simplest recipe out there for utilising possibly one of our favorite wild greens here at The Salt Box. Just because this is a super easy recipe doesn’t mean you should pass it by, our wild garlic butter is the building block to so many recipes.


Once made the butter can be portioned and frozen to use throughout the year, meaning you will have a ready supply you can call upon. A knob thrown into a pan of potatoes or even some freshly podded and cooked peas is a thing of beauty, why not tuck a piece into a pheasant breast before bread crumbing for a cheeky little take on kiev? Brushed on the crust of a pizza fresh out of the wood oven is epic!


The anchovy in this recipe is optional, however adding it will give your wild garlic butter an extra edge of savouriness. Think of it as a seasoning for the butter, it shouldn’t add any form of fishiness to it. If you are sensitive to the taste of fish or anchovy then you can omit it or just halve the amount of anchovies you use.




250g block unsalted butter, softened

75g wild garlic, washed and patted dry

Sea salt to taste

2 anchovy fillets, optional



Place the softened butter into a bowl and stir to break up.


Finely chop the wild garlic leaves and anchovies if using and stir through the butter.


Season with salt to taste.


Alternatively for a super vibrant wild garlic butter.


Place the wild garlic and anchovies into a food processor and blitz until finely chopped.


Place in the softened butter and blitz until everything is well combined.


Season with salt to taste.


Divide the butter in two and roll it in a piece of parchment paper to make a sausage shape, twist the ends to seal.


Repeat with the other half of the butter.


Chill until needed for up to a week or freeze.

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Things to Note

The anchovy in this recipe is optional, however adding it will give your wild garlic butter an extra edge of savouriness.


For a super vibrant wild garlic butter use a food processor.


Our Foraging Tips:



Always forage small amounts for personal use, leaving adequate produce for animals and insects to indulge on, as well as other foragers!



Only eat something if you are 100% sure of its identification, as some plants can make you unwell, or worse still – some are even deadly. Books are very helpful for this; one of our favourites is ‘River Cottage, Hedgerow Handbook‘, ‘Food for Free‘ and ‘Foraging Pocket Guide‘. Websites and social media groups can also be helpful, but make sure you trust the source entirely before you eat your finds.



Only forage from plants that have produced plenty of fruit as the plant depends on this to reproduce.



Choose carefully how you access your foraging finds. Avoid crushing plants and habitats underfoot whilst hunting for wild foods.



Avoid taking too much twig and never uproot a plant so that it is always able to regrow after you have foraged from it.



Your foraging kit should include – a small legal carry knife or secateurs, gloves to protect your hands from plants that may sting (the humble nettle) and thorns, and a basket/container or three. Don’t forget to wear long trousers and long-sleeved tops to protect your arms and legs from natural nasties such as ticks (find out more about ticks here.)




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