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bacon frazzles
bacon frazzles
bacon frazzles

Today we are going to be visiting an old favourite of ours, the mighty bacon frazzle. The bacon frazzle is such a simple thing, lots of bacon skewered onto a stick and cooked gently by the hot embers of the fire until perfectly crisp on the outside and smoked to perfection on the inside.

Cooking the bacon on a skewer not only means you won’t lose any rashers through the grills, but it’s also a great space saver. Cooking enough bacon over the fire even just for a few people takes up a huge amount of space. Condensing the bacon onto a skewer helps to reduce the space needed to cook it and allows us to cook over a smaller fire, meaning we can use less fuel. We highly recommend using flat skewers, which ensure your meat doesn’t spin around.

As the fat renders it can cause lots of flame flare up, which can burn the bacon turning it bitter. The bacon frazzles are a lot easier to move around the grill in comparison to a full grill of bacon, which will in all likelihood stick to the grill and tear when you try to move it.

We’re giving you the option to serve your bacon frazzles up with homemade flatbreads. Our yoghurt flatbreads are super simple to make and are incredibly light and fluffy. You can indeed use any bread which you prefer but the flatbreads are a great way to keep little hands busy whilst the bacon cooks.

How about adding eggs to really take this dish to the next level, we love to make scrambled eggs with a touch of curry powder, chilli and coriander. The little ones may prefer the eggs plain but the grown ups shouldn’t have to miss out.



12-16 rashers green streaky bacon
4x 50g balls flatbread dough
A little softened butter, optional
Salt Box Chilli Jam (or a sauce of your choice)



Take your flat metal skewers and concertina the green streaky bacon onto the skewer trying to keep the fat all facing the same on side.

Rake out a nice bed of embers from your fire into the middle of your pit. Place the skewers fat side down on the grill over the embers, allow the fat to sizzle and render.


Once nice and crisp, turn the bacon over and continue to cook. Make sure the bacon is cooked on all sides. Once the bacon is cooked, keep warm to the side of the embers.

Roll out the balls of flatbread dough on a well floured surface. Turn the dough as you roll so it doesn’t stick to the board.


Dust off some of the flour and place carefully over the hot embers, cook until beginning to bubble and brown underneath. Flip the flatbreads and continue to cook, the flatbreads may puff up like a pillow but this is a good thing, leave them to cook for another minute or two.

Spread each flatbread with a little softened butter, if using and laiden the flatbreads up with bacon and a touch of chilli jam (or the sauce of your choice). Enjoy with steaming mugs of tea and coffee.

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Things to Note

We’d recommend investing in some flat metal skewers, which help prevent the meat from spinning around on your skewer, meaning it cooks evenly.

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