cooking flatbreads over an open fire
how to make flatbreads, flatbreads recipe
how to make flatbreads

Baking bread over fire doesn’t have to be difficult – flatbreads are super simple to make, quick to cook and taste delicious served straight from the pan. They’re made from two main ingredients – self raising flour and natural yogurt – and you can add whatever herbs and spices that tickle your fancy!


The perfect accompaniment to grilled meat or veg, they can be prepared on an open-fire, in your Gozney Roccbox or if you must in your kitchen at home. We have found that they are also a really fun and easy recipe to get the kids involved.


The flatbread dough will freeze well, just divide the dough into desired portions, wrap loosely in clingfilm and pop in the freezer. To bake, allow the dough to thaw overnight in the fridge, or for 2-3 hours at room temperature and follow the cooking instructions below!




300g natural yoghurt

300g self raising flour

½ tsp bicarb

1 tsp salt

Optional extra: 1 tsp chilli flakes, cumin, coriander or any other spice mix



Making the Flatbread Dough

Sift the flour with the bicarb into a large bowl, adding in any of your optional spices. Add the salt followed by the yoghurt and combine into a nice soft dough. If the dough is too sticky add a touch more flour.
Leave the dough to rest for a few minutes before using.
Take the dough out of the bowl and place on a floured work surface.
Divide the dough into 10.
Roll each piece into a ball and using a rolling pin roll a few millimetres thick.


Cooking Your Flatbreads

There are a couple of cooking options depending on your outdoor kitchen set up.

Stone bake on the floor of your Gozney Roccbox, until puffed up with little charred bubbles. Running at around 450.c they shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to bake!


Heat a large cast iron skillet or griddle pan over the fire and dry fry your flatbreads, turning every few minutes. When they begin to bubble and puff up they’re ready!


Cook directly on the grill over your hot coals. Making sure not to turn too soon or the dough may stick to the bars of your grill. When they begin to bubble and puff up they’re ready.


Serving Your Flatbreads

Once cooked place the flatbreads onto a plate and cover with a tea towel until you’re ready to serve so that they don’t dry out.

Serve on a large serving board so everyone can dig in and help themselves!