Wild Garlic Pesto

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A wild spin on an Italian classic!

Nothing quite beats this powerhouse of a larder staple for us at The Salt Box. We slather it on everything we can as soon as the first shoots of wild garlic start peeking through the woodland floor. We always have a jar on hand throughout the season to turn through pastas.


(Makes 2-3 jars)

100g wild garlic, washed well and patted dry
50g hazelnuts
50g Twineham Grange hard cheese or parmesan
250-300ml rapeseed oil
Juice of half a lemon
Salt and pepper, to taste



Toast the hazelnuts and cool.

Finely grate the parmesan and add to a food processor along with the hazelnuts, pulse until coarse.


Add in the wild garlic leaves, salt, pepper and half of the oil, pulse again until everything is well combined. Add in more oil to get the consistency you like, we like our wild garlic pesto to just fall from the spoon when lifted from the bowl.


Stir through the juice of half a lemon.

Taste and check the seasoning, adjust if necessary. 

Place into sterilised jars and store in the fridge.

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Things to Note

Don’t forget as the wild garlic season comes to an end the seed heads make for a gorgeous alternative to capers. We use them to add piquancy to sauces and spikes of acidity to the tops of our salads and pizzas.

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