The Salt Box X Big Green Egg

We are proud to be a Big Green Egg Affiliate Reseller, which means we sell EGGs!

We cook over a myriad of fire cookery equipment and can’t recommend Big Green Egg highly enough. You’ll find a selection of EGGs in our woodland kitchen, which feature at our Feasts and Cookery Courses.  Looking to purchase an EGG? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Our Big Green Egg Journey

Introduced in 1974, the Big Green Egg is a ceramic grill based on clay cookers from Japan called kamados, with thick glazed ceramic that insulates this outdoor oven from the elements, creating optimal conditions for cooking a variety of foods.


This versatility has helped the Big Green Egg gain a loyal following, and we couldn’t have been happier to become an associate reseller in early 2022.

We spent a fair while procrastinating as to whether or not adding Big Green Eggs to our fleet of fire cooking gear was a wise choice.
Fast forward to now – and our only regret was not buying them sooner! It’s fair to say that since their very first firing, we have not looked back!


Yes, they are a hugely considered purchase…

… however, their heat retention and ease of use is second to none. So much so that they are now one of our most highly recommended pieces of equipment.


They are so easy to light, that it’s almost quicker and more cost effective than switching the oven on at home (especially with the current electricity prices!).

A firm favourite on our courses.

We weave our Big Green Eggs in to as many of our courses as possible, taking you through the initial steps of lighting, heat control and how to harness that heat.


Whether we’re hot smoking pheasant or mallard breasts, cooking fallow shoulder slow and low, grilling a spatchcocked partridge and even baking our sticky ginger sponges! The possibilities with the EGG are pretty much endless. 


There’s never a hard sell when you visit us at The Salt Box, as we only use equipment that we truly love to use everyday.

Interested in learning more? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about buying an EGG and have a few questions?


We can arrange the purchase of a Big Green Egg for you wherever you are in the country, to be delivered straight to your home. Please get in touch and we can guide and arrange your purchase.


Interesting in learning more about cooking over the EGG?
We hope to launch Big Green Egg Demo sessions this year, which you can register your interest for here.

Big Green Egg at The Salt Box Surrey