Celeriac Rosti

celeriac, rosti, celeriac rosti
Celeriac rosti, Rosti, Celeriac, Brunch, Veggie, Vegetarian
celeriac, rosti, celeriac rosti

Celeriac in my mind is the ultimate root vegetable, a real unsung hero! It has a light sweet celery flavour and wonderful nutty overtone which can pair well with so many other ingredients. 

Celeriac has a brilliant crunch when eaten raw and can be added to a winter slaw or finely shredded into salads. We love it in a remoulade with the big bold flavours of cornichons and dijon mustard. Treat your celeriac much like you would a potato when cooking and you won’t be able to go far wrong. Layered into a dauphinoise, salt baked, roast, boiled, mashed, chipped or blended into a soup they really are a super versatile veg.

These celeriac rosti are a great little brunch dish served up with some seared black pudding and a fried egg or how about with a pile of smoked trout and a little dill mustard sauce? Maybe a lunch time treat with some cold cuts?

This is a super adaptable recipe and if you have a few other little bits of root veg knocking around then why not grate these into the mix too, it’s all about loving those leftovers! 

Vegans, why not replace the egg with some water to bind the mix together and omit the butter when frying.

We have included some dried wild garlic into our celeriac rosti giving them a real umami edge. We dry lots of wild garlic from the end of March through to June, preserving as much as we can for the year ahead. If you don’t have access to fresh or dry wild garlic then just finely grate a clove of garlic into your Celeriac Rosti mix.



½ a medium celeriac around 350g
1 onion
A sprig of sage, finely sliced
A large pinch of dried wild garlic
Zest of ¼ lemon
1 tsp Salt Box Pastrami Seasoning
A good pinch of salt
1 egg
2 tbsp plain flour
Rapeseed oil
1 tbsp butter



Peel the celeriac and grate into a large mixing bowl.

Peel and finely slice the onion. Separate the layers of onion and add to the bowl. 

Add the sage, dried wild garlic, lemon zest, pastrami seasoning and the salt. Give everything a good stir together making sure it’s all well combined.


Sprinkle over the flour and give everything another good stir. Crack the egg in and stir together making sure everything is well combined and coated in the flour mix.


Place a skillet over a nice bed of coals, you want a nice medium heat so the celeriac rosti cooks evenly without any hot patches.

Once the pan is nice and warm, drizzle in a little rapeseed oil followed by a knob of butter. Allow the butter to melt before adding a spoonfuls of the celeriac rosti mix to the pan. Press the rosti down with the back of the spoon and neaten up the edges to form a nice round rosti. 

Cook the rosti in batches so that you keep an even heat in the pan. Once the rosti have caramelised nicely, use a fish slice to carefully turn them over. You can add a little more butter once they have been turned, carry on cooking gently until the other side is caramelised and the rosti cooked through. Remove the celeriac rosti from the pan and set aside by the fire, covered with foil to keep warm. Continue to cook in batches until the mix is used up.

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Things to Note

Cook the celeriac rosti in batches so that you keep an even heat in the pan.

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