Wild Garlic French Toast

Wild Garlic French Toast - cooking in the Big Green Egg
Foraging for Wild Garlic
Wild Garlic French Toast Recipe

Wild garlic is a big player in our kitchen, it’s a wonderfully versatile plant with a nice gentle garlicky hum. It’s super easy to substitute into most recipes and it’s just bloody delicious too!

We can turn wild garlic into a myriad of flavour enhancing condiments, ferments and pickles but sometimes there is a real purity in just keeping things simple – this wild garlic french toast has been a firm favourite this spring at our Breakfast in the Woods events and on our Seasonal Cooking Over Fire courses.

You can serve it simply with a dollop of chilli jam, or a little pulled pork also goes down a treat!




4 thick slices of ciabatta bread
3 large eggs
25ml milk
Pinch of nutmeg
Small handful of wild garlic, roughly chopped
Salt and pepper
25g butter
10ml British rapeseed oil



Crack the eggs into a large bowl and along with the milk, nutmeg, wild garlic, salt and pepper.

Use a stick blender to blitz everything together until well combined.


Heat a large skillet over a medium high heat.

Drizzle in the rapeseed oil and add the knob of butter.


Place the bread slices into the egg mix and allow it to absorb some of the mix for 10 seconds. Allow the egg to drip from the bread before placing it into the pan.

Cook for a minute or two until golden. Flip over with a spatula and cook the other side until golden and cooked through.

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