Our #1 Pizza Oven

As proud affiliates of Gozney, we’re excited to share our love for this innovative oven with you all. The Roccbox is more than just a pizza oven; it’s a versatile powerhouse capable of reaching an impressive 950°F/500°C, crafted with the same precision and quality materials as Gozney’s professional-grade ovens found in top restaurants worldwide.

Our Gozney Roccbox Journey

Since we got our first Roccbox back in 2020, We’ve had an incredible time exploring the possibilities with this oven. While it’s perfect for crafting mouth watering pizzas, it’s also become our go-to for baking bread, roasting veggies, meat and fish dishes.


Up in our woodland kitchen, the Gozney Roccbox has become our trusted companion due to its portability. A scaled down and portable version of their commercial pizza ovens, Roccbox is the original stone-floor portable oven that started the Gozney pizza revolution.


For the ultimate pizza oven (that you don’t plan on moving around!), the Gozney Dome would be our go to – incredible performance, dual-fuel, next-level versatility and intuitive design.

A firm favourite on our courses.

Whilst we don’t run a course solely focusing on the Gozney Roccbox, we weave our Gozney Roccboxes into as many of our courses as possible, taking you through the initial steps of lighting, heat control and how to harness that heat.


They’re a key feature on our Wild Italian Fire Cookery Course, creating delicious sweet or savoury pizzas to indulge in beneath the trees.

Why buy through us?

We’re honoured to be part of the Gozney Affiliate scheme, which means that when you purchase a Gozney product through the link below, you’re not only investing in top-notch quality but also supporting our small business.


Buying through us is seamless and straightforward – your purchase goes directly to the Gozney team, and clever technology takes care of the rest! 

Interested in learning more?  Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about buying a Gozney and have a few questions? Drop us a message and we’ll help as much as we can.

Gozney Roccbox Pizza in the Woods 2
Gozney Roccbox Pizza - Wild Pizzas Event
Gozney Roccbox Pizza - Wild Pizzas