Individual Products

All Good in the Woods T-Shirt

£24.00 incl. VAT

Hand-Woven Willow Foraging Basket

£70.00 incl. VAT

Wax Cotton Foraging Belt Bag

£48.00 incl. VAT

Hand Forged Fire Rake and Blower

£65.00 incl. VAT

Surrey Hills Coffee ‘Barn Blend’


Ferro Rod and Striker – Straight Handle

£60.00 incl. VAT

Hand Carved Ferro Rod and Striker Set – Forked Handle

£60.00 incl. VAT

The Signature Salt Box Collection

£21.00 incl. VAT

Beetroot, Horseradish and Caraway Seasoning


Chilli, Fennel and Orange Seasoning


Personalised Wax Cotton Apron

£85.00 incl. VAT

Wild and Sweet by Rachel Lambert

£20.00 incl. VAT

DOT Digital Thermometer

£36.00 incl. VAT

Thermapen Classic Digital Temperature Probe

£39.50 incl. VAT

Field Notebook & Pencil

£3.00 incl. VAT