Hand Forged Fire Rake and Blower

£65.00 incl. VAT

The ultimate fire management tool, the Fire Rake and Blower allows you to move hot embers to exactly where you need them. The length of the blow poker lets you blow through the pipe keeping your face away from the heat whilst introducing more oxygen, to help stoke the fire when it gets a bit smokey or needs a little helping hand.


Here at The Salt Box we have a larger version of the fire blower and we use it all the time to stoke our fires.


These beautiful fire blowers are locally made by Mutton Chop Forge, a traditional blacksmith based a stone’s throw away from us here the village of South Nutfield, Surrey. 


Made from a black mild steel with a blacksmith’s finish, with a wrapped leather handle. 



Length: 58cm
Wooden Handle Length: 11cm x 1.5cm
Rake Head Dimensions: 15cm x 3cm

(Please note image 1 and 3 show a slightly longer fire blower)