House Seasoning Set


Enjoy a selection of our Signature Salt Box seasonings, originally designed for feasts cooked over the fire, but equally as versatile in your kitchen at home.


Chilli, Fennel and Orange Seasoning

Our chilli, fennel and orange was our founding spice blend here at The Salt Box. Originally inspired by the flavours of Italian porchetta, it’s perfect on pork, chicken, fish, pheasant, chicken, partridge or vegetables.

Ingredients: Kosher Sea Salt (E536), Fennel Seed, Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic Granules, Chilli Flake, Orange Peel

Net Weight 50g.


Beetroot, Horseradish and Caraway

Sweet earthy beetroot is paired with the warmth of horseradish and caraway to make a wonderfully different addition to your feasts. Mix it with oil and use as a marinade, or sprinkle liberally over your favourite fish. This seasoning has a vibrant pink colour. Perfect for oily fish, venison, beef, goat, duck and lamb.

Ingredients: Kosher Sea Salt (E536), Dehydrated Beetroot (E551), Brown Sugar, Pink Peppercorn, Thyme, Horseradish, Orange Peel, Garlic, Juniper Berry, Cumin Seeds, Chilli Flake, Caraway Seed

Net Weight 65g.



Who wouldn’t want to recreate this deli classic at home? Our pastrami blend is perfect for rubbing all over a hunk of salt beef from your local butcher, but also pairs brilliantly with other low and slow meats. Perfect for duck, boar, beef, goat and venison, smoked until meltingly tender.

Ingredients: Black Peppercorn, Coriander Seed, Brown Sugar, Kosher Sea Salt (E536), Smoked Paprika, Garlic Granules, Onion Powder, Mustard Powder

Net Weight 50g.


BBQ Barn Blend

Our BBQ Barn Blend is the perfect all rounder for your feasts over fire, whether you’re flash grilling or cooking low and slow. This is our go-to seasoning for a little sweet and a little heat, hitting all the right spots! Works brilliantly stirred through your BBQ sauce base too.

Ingredients: Smoked Paprika, Black Peppercorn, Brown Sugar, Kosher Sea Salt (E536), Celery Salt (calcium silicate), Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Granules, Mustard Powder, Cumin Seeds

Net Weight 50g


Read more about our Seasonings, including how to use them and recipe ideas here.


Seasonings Shelf Life: Fresh is always best, so we would advise using within 6 months for the best flavours. Store in a cool dry place.


These products are made in an environment that may contain nuts.