DOT Digital Thermometer

£37.00 incl. VAT

The DOT Digital Thermometer is a simple to use, alarm thermometer ideal for creating succulent oven roasts or slow BBQed briskets. Simply program your desired temperature, insert the probe into the centre of your meat and place it on the side or attach to your BBQ using the magnetic pads. Watch the temperature climb on the display and wait for the alarm to sound once the temperature has been reached.


The DOT incorporates a large LCD display with a backlight and loud 70dB audible alarm sounding when your food has reached temperature. Each unit is supplied with a 114 mm penetration probe with a 1.2 metre stainless steel, heatproof braided lead. Designed to survive in hot oven and BBQ conditions.


  • Easy-to-use device; simply set a temperature using the up and down arrows
  • Loud 70dB alarm will alert you once your food has reached temperature
  • The DOT’s temperature range is -50 to 300°C
  • DOT is supplied with an oven & BBQ proof probe
  • Large backlit LCD display