Pigeon Saltimbocca

Available all year round the undesirable yet quite beautiful wood pigeon sits plump on the leafless branches.

A great source of protein containing plenty of iron, which is great for keeping those energy levels up during those pigeon roost shoots.

Many people will tend to eat pigeon during the summer months where it has had time to fatten up on the myriad of treats available to them making the meat tastier. But let’s face it the humble pigeon is a handsome thing to eat at any time of the year. 

This dish can be served with a light celeriac salad and squash ketchup and makes for a great starter or a gorgeous snack in the field served alongside a pile of lightly toasted focaccia. 




4 pigeon breasts

1 tbsp dijon mustard

4 sage leaves

Pinch black pepper

4 slices prosciutto ham

A knob of butter

Drizzle of rapeseed oil

3 sprigs of thyme

Small handful of toasted hazelnuts



Brush each pigeon breast with a little Dijon mustard and place a sage leaf upon each and wrap in a slice of prosciutto ham.


Place a cast iron skillet into the embers of a fire or on a gas hob and  allow to warm up before adding a drizzle of rapeseed oil.

Place the saltimbocca into the pan and fry for 3 minutes.


Turn the pigeon over and add a knob of butter and the thyme sprigs.

Season well and cook for another 3 minutes spooning over plenty of the foaming butter.

Place the pigeon breast on a warm plate and allow it to rest.

Serve the pigeon with toasted chunks of focaccia  and a sprinkling of hazelnuts.


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