Our Cookery Courses

We curate, we cook, we talk, we teach

We invite you to come and cook with us in the woods in a relaxed atmosphere.

Choose from a variety of cookery courses, ranging from our full day cooking over fire sessions to our evening wild larder masterclasses, all taught by our experienced team.


All of our courses are centred around hands-on learning, with plenty of opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious meal shared with your fellow classmates around our shared dining tables. And what better place to feast than in our woodland glen or cosy barn?

Our courses are designed to be informative yet relaxed. Whether you’re flying solo, attending as a pair or part of a bigger group – we always keep our class sizes small, to give everyone plenty of one-on-one time.


Attendees will be provided with course notes and recipes to recreate all of the dishes we cover, in the comfort of your own garden or in a conventional kitchen (if the British rain gets the better of you).

Our Courses

Below, you’ll find our range of Cookery Courses.

If an event is showing as fully booked, please add your name to our Waiting List, and we’ll be sure to get in touch if any further tickets are made available

Christian cooking over fire at The Salt Box

Introduction to
Cooking Over Fire

Cooking over an open fire is the oldest and most primitive method of cooking known to man and we are firm believers that everything tastes better cooked over an open flame!

Blanching, boiling,

Cooking Over Fire

Designed for those who have a little experience with cooking over fire, keen to expand their skills and master new fire cooking techniques.

Feather & Fur Game Butchery & Cookery

Learn how to pluck, draw, skin and joint a selection of seasonal small wild game, cooking up a feast over fire throughout the day in a relaxed and informative environment.

Wild Italian cookery course

Wild Italian Cookery

Immerse yourself in Italy’s culinary favourites with a twist, cooked over an open-fire and featuring seasonally and locally inspired British produce.

Venison Butchery

Wild Venison Butchery

Join us for a day in the woods celebrating wild venison. Our course covers butchery and cookery, honouring the whole animal from nose to tail with a delectable feast.

Fire and spice cookery course

Fire and Spice

Learn how to create insatiable plates of food seasoned with fire and spice on our half day course, surrounded by the crackle and pop of fire.

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