Our cookery courses

We curate, we cook, we talk, we teach

We invite children and adults alike to come and cook with us in the woods in a relaxed atmosphere, no matter the weather

Choose from a variety of cookery courses, ranging from our full day cooking over fire sessions to our evening wild larder masterclasses, all taught by our experienced team.


All of our courses are centred around hands-on learning, with plenty of opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious meal shared with your fellow classmates around our shared dining tables. And what better place to feast than in our woodland glen or cosy barn?


Our courses are designed to be informative yet relaxed. Whether you’re flying solo, attending as a pair or part of a bigger group – we always keep our class sizes small, to give everyone plenty of one-on-one time. Attendees will be provided with course notes and recipes to recreate all of the dishes we cover, in the comfort of your own garden or in a conventional kitchen (if the British rain gets the better of you).


All of our courses are also available for private hire for private or corporate events.

Below you'll find an overview of the range of courses we offer throughout the year

our re-opening

As the world starts to unfurl following lockdown, we’ve begun the gradual process of rekindling our fires here at The Salt Box. By closely following government advice, we’ll be introducing a staged approach that allows you to join us again beneath the trees in a safe and enjoyable manner. 


Adult cookery courses

We have lots of knowledge to share with you – whether that’s how to smoke fish in an old ammunition box in the embers of your fire, spit roast joints of meat until tender or sharpen those knives for seasonal butchery of the wild game larder.


From mastering the basic steps of fire lighting to learning how to manage your fires appropriately – with a little help from The Salt Box, you can master the art of cooking over fire. We also run a number of indoor courses, from pasta-making to pickling!

cooking over fire with the salt box


Cooking over an open fire is the oldest and most primitive method of cooking known to man and we are firm believers that everything tastes better cooked over an open flame!

Venison Butchery


Join us for a day in the woods celebrating wild venison. Our course covers butchery and cookery, honouring the whole animal from nose to tail with a delectable feast.


Learn how to pluck, draw, skin and joint a selection of seasonal small wild game, cooking up a feast over fire throughout the day in a relaxed and informative environment.


Sharing the secrets to making one of the most popular foods in the world, equipping you with the confidence and the skills to create delicious pasta at home.

Christian picking nettles for our wild italian cookery course


Immerse yourself in Italy’s culinary favourites with a twist, cooked over an open-fire and featuring seasonally and locally inspired British produce.

Fire and spice cookery course


Learn how to create insatiable plates of food seasoned with fire and spice on our half day course, surrounded by the crackle and pop of fire.


Join us beneath the trees as we celebrate the magic that happens when vegetables meet the flame.

jars of pickles at The Salt Box


Sharing our secrets to creating the perfect quick pickles combined with a seasonal feast, bringing your at-home pickling skills to the next level!



Learn the techniques and skills to extend nature’s bounty through the seasons and stock your shelves – pickling, lacto-fermenting and preserving.


Family cookery courses

Not all classrooms have four walls

Through our family courses, we provide a platform for adults and children to learn alongside one another. We want to let children be children, learning by exploring, facing challenges and experiencing the elements of the seasons.


We wholeheartedly believe that cooking is up there as one of the most valuable skills you can teach a child – not only providing them with an important life skill, but also helping develop maths and coordination skills – and encouraging adventurous eating.

Family Pasta Course


Join us for a fun, creative and educational hands-on workshop learning how to make pasta, perfect for you and your budding young chefs! Suitable for 5+.

Family Wild Things

wild things

Join us for a day of wild cookery, a seasonal feast, bushcraft and natural crafting, as well as a spot of mindfulness beneath the trees. For ages 5-9.

fire cookery

Join us for a family day of wild cookery beneath the trees, learning how to create an outdoor feast cooked over a crackling fire. Suitable for age 9+.

Family foraging, picking ground ivy

family forage
and feast

Explore the wonderful world of wild food with your family.

Come and join us as head out into the great outdoors for a foraging walk, followed by a woodland feast over fire.

Treat someone special to a unique Feast over Fire experience, by snapping up a Salt Box gift voucher, eligible towards any of our dining events, butchery, foraging and cookery courses.


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Thank you for teaching a fantastic live fire cooking session down at our woodland glamping site. Our corporate guests were thrilled with the delicious creative menus and final results. It was a real pleasure to work with you, very organised, professional and flexible, looking forward to the next event!
Corporate event
Thoroughly enjoyed venison butchery and wood fired cooking. Wonderful setting, glorious food (sustainable and appreciated), professional set up and relaxed company, very knowledgeable .... just really loved every minute. Thank you Christian and Beckie
Thank you Beckie, Christian, Kat and Sarah, for a fabulous foraging and eating day on Saturday! Christian and Beckie’s menus, incorporating wild ingredients we collected - such as the tempura nettles with a hawthorn berry hot sauce, were both creative and innovative.
My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the pasta making workshop. Beckie was great at encouraging my daughter and helping us with the kneading. It was just the right level and pace with Christian explaining everything brilliantly and we loved eating the food we had cooked at the end.


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