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Join us for a day in the woods celebrating wild venison

Wild venison is at the heart of many of our feasts and courses. An incredible wild meat available in abundance, it is not only nutritious and flavourful, but also the most sustainable meat we can source here in the UK. Join us beneath the trees on our full day course to learn more about how to source, butcher, prepare and cook wild venison.

Our food-filled adventure starts with a foraging walk up to our woodland glen, gathering a selection of wild ingredients on our way. We will give you tips on how to identify seasonal hedgerow edibles, highlighting the tasty morsels that nature’s larder has to offer. 

After a restorative cuppa in our woodland kitchen, we will then turn our attention to the main business of the day; skinning and butchering either a fallow or roe deer carcass. We will spend the majority of the morning taking our time preparing the deer. 

We will start by skinning and talk through the process of curing your pelt at home using traditional methods. During our field butchery lesson, we will break down our carcass into primal cuts and use seam butchery to further process the deer. Using the whole deer from nose to tail and showing you how to reduce waste getting the most from the animal, we will talk through multiple ways of preparing each cut, stocks and sauces and the best ways to store your meat . Whilst all this is happening, our team will cook up delicious snacks over fire to quell your hunger before we spend our afternoon cooking up a feast over fire.

Fires crackling and curiosity sparked, we will then introduce you to a medley of different cooking methods, which could include spit roasting, the Dutch oven, skillets, grilling and hot smoking.

 Following on from your introduction to whole deer butchery, it will be time for you to get cooking, using your new skills to create a selection of dishes. And what better place to feast than under our woodland canopy, surrounded by the snap, crackle and. pop of the fires.

Keen to pass on methods that are safe for the environment and for yourselves, we will give you tips on how to sustainably source your firewood and also advise you on how to practice your new skills as safely as possible. Expect to head home smelling of wood smoke, with plenty of food and fire in your bellies. We’ll send you an email recipe pack so that you can get started at home straight away.

Gochujang Venison Kebabs
Venison Butchery
Venison Butchery at The Salt Box

What's Included

£150 pp

Our Customer Reviews

"The wild venison butchering day was excellent. Totally absorbing and fascinating. Learning where your meat comes from is so important and makes you appreciate what's involved in all the preparation. Friendly atmosphere and lovely setting for the day - full belly by end of the day too with all the cooked venison! Just brilliant."
James M.
"Thoroughly enjoyed venison butchery and wood fired cooking. Wonderful setting, glorious food (sustainable and appreciated), professional set up and relaxed company, very knowledgeable, just really loved every minute. Thank you Christian and Beckie!"
Penny W.
"A wonderful experience and worth every penny. It’s a lovely position in the Surrey Hills! The staff are great, they obviously know their stuff and their enthusiasm is addictive. You learn bushcraft as well as cooking over fire that you have made yourself (no matches!) and eating some fantastic food."
Paul S.
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Spotlight On: Wild Venison

Wild venison is at the heart of many of our feasts and courses. An incredible wild meat available in abundance, it is not only nutritious and flavourful, but also the most sustainable meat we can source here in the UK. In this post, we explore why we should all eat more venison, where to find it and how to cook it to enjoy at home with your friends and family.

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