Wild Food Events

Celebrating Nature's Larder

We offer a range of wild food events where you can indulge in our wildly inspired menus or cookery workshops, celebrating foraged and wild ingredients. We host events for adults and families, taking place here in our woodland glen and cosy barn on the Priory Farm Estate.​

seasonal wild game cookery and butchery courses


For those seeking to eat more sustainably, game meat presents an attractive option. Unlike the meat industry, harvesting wild meat involves no chemicals, hormones, abattoirs, animal housing, or extra land to grow cereals/grains for feeds. They typically have a longer life span than farmed animals and culling their population growth can have a positive effect on their habitat.


Our seasonal game butchery and cookery courses are perfect for people who love the distinctive flavours of these wild meats, but are unsure how to cook with them. We offer evening, half day and full day courses throughout the year, focusing on what’s in season.

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When done carefully and sustainably, foraging is a great way of connecting with our natural environment and making the most of the ingredients on our doorstep. You can’t get more local than your nearest hedgerow!


As well as covering how to keep foraging safe and sustainable – the focus at our events is on how you can use wild ingredients in your cooking, including recipe ideas and tips for you to use in your home kitchen.


By making the most of nature’s larder, foraging can also give you a really grounded sense of place; facilitate a deepening sensitivity to our environment.

Venison Butchery

Wild Venison
Butchery & Cookery

Join us for a day in the woods celebrating wild venison. Our course covers butchery and cookery, honouring the whole animal from nose to tail with a delectable feast.

Feather and Fur
Wild Game

Learn how to pluck, draw, skin and joint a selection of seasonal small wild game, cooking up a feast over fire throughout the day in a relaxed and informative environment.

Making wild garlic seed capers at The Salt Box

Wild Larder

Learn the techniques and skills to extend nature’s bounty through the seasons and stock your shelves – pickling, lacto-fermenting and preserving.

Christian picking nettles for our wild italian cookery course


Immerse yourself in Italy’s culinary favourites with a twist, cooked over an open-fire and featuring seasonally and locally inspired British produce.


Forage and Feast

Explore the wonderful world of wild food with your family.

Come and join us as head out into the great outdoors for a foraging walk, followed by a woodland feast over fire.


wild feasts at the Salt Box


We offer a range of wild food events and workshops celebrating foraged and wild ingredients, making the most of nature’s larder.

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Our menus are best suited for flexible, adventurous eaters with a strong focus on seasonally and locally inspired ingredients, including wild and foraged foods sourced from nature’s larder.

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The Salt Box is a celebration of seasonal food and open-fire cookery through the coming together of people beneath the trees, creating delicious food from nature’s humble ingredients. We celebrate locally sourced and wild ingredients through our wide range of courses and dining events, in the great outdoors surrounded by crackling fires.