Last Updated 19th July 2021

The Salt Box Reopening post COVID-19
The Salt Box Reopening post COVID-19
The Salt Box Reopening post COVID-19

Our COVID-19 Policy

We are operating with the same philosophy that has always under-pinned our policies here at The Salt Box: we work extremely hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is as safe for our staff and customers as possible, so that when you join one of our events, everything feels as back to normal as possible.


Big changes are coming into force today, 19th July, as all government-enforced Covid-19 safety measures are lifted here in the UK. While fewer restrictions is welcome news for many, with new variants continuing to spread and case numbers skyrocketing, we are admittedly a little apprehensive for this so-called freedom day.


The safety of our small team and community still remains our absolute number one priority, and we want to ensure that everyone working and visiting us feels comfortable to do so.


Whilst we have, so far, been extremely lucky with the health of our small team, over the past weeks, the number of guest cancellations has steadily increased – individuals having to isolate, or with children who have had to isolate due to school cases, or worse – who have tested positive. Last week alone this resulted in just under 20% of the 130 guests due to join us cancelling, for events that were already running at reduced capacity.


We have a 30 day cancellation policy, for all our events and courses, with many events booked up months in advance. Please note that where possible, for COVID related cancellations, we will always do our very best to transfer tickets to those on our waiting lists, so that those isolating can join us in the woods further down the line.


We can only imagine that these interruptions will continue to rise, providing a challenging impact for small businesses like ours, at a time when we need it most to survive. We urge you all to respect the varying ‘house rules’ that each individual business decides to implement.


We strongly believe that caution is still needed from us all to keep the momentum of returning to some form of normality, so our front-of-house team will continue to wear a face covering at all of our events. With the nature of everything we do in the great outdoors, customers are not required to wear a face covering, unless they feel more comfortable doing so.


Slowly but surely, we will also return to our long shared dining tables – as and when we feel it’s the right time to do so.


Enhanced hygiene measures, specific risk assessments and careful management of our team with enhanced hygiene training will continue to be just a few of the measures we are taking.


As you no doubt are aware, the rules around being Covid-safe are regularly changing and can be difficult to keep up with.  We’re grateful for your understanding as we adapt, for your kindness to our team and for the changes that you are also having to make when joining us. And last but not least,  we are grateful for your support.


We can’t wait to welcome you to the woods!


Team Salt Box

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Sustainably minded cooks dedicated to curating unique Feasts Over Fire and Cookery Workshops

The Salt Box is a celebration of seasonal food and open-fire cookery through the coming together of people beneath the trees, creating delicious food from nature’s humble ingredients. We celebrate locally sourced and wild ingredients through our wide range of courses and dining events, in the great outdoors surrounded by crackling fires.