Catering – BBQ Menus & Private Dining

Below are a selection of sample menus for Summer, with the BBQ menus designed for larger more informal gatherings and the private dining menus aimed for smaller more intimate dining.

Sample BBQ Menus
  • Menu #1

    • Achari butterflied chicken
    • Coal baked bombay sweet potato salad
    • Fennel Kachumbar
    • Herb leaf salad
      w/ chilli, honey and mustard seeds
    • Pickled curry beetroot
    • Lime pickle mayo
    • Handmade flatbreads

  • Menu #2

    • Spit roast sirloins of beef
    • Tabbouleh
    • Rocket, sheep’s cheese and charred tomato salad
    • Griddled vegetables
      w/ nettle pesto
    • Slow roast garlic and lemon mayo
    • Jalapeno and green tomato jam
    • Sourdough buns

  • Menu #3

    • Spit roast porchetta
    • Fire-baked squash
      w/ chilli and lemon
    • Pea, radish and poppyseed salad
    • Mixed leaf salad
      w/ pangrattato
    • Burnt Salsa
    • Heritage tomato focaccia

  • Menu #4

    • Gochujang smoked beef short ribs
    • Korean dakkochi chicken skewers
    • Kim chi slaw
    • Coal baked sweet potato
      w/ chilli, spring onion and peanut
    • Sesame, cucumber and seaweed salad
    • Pickled daikon
    • Yuzu and wasabi mayonnaise
    • Brioche rolls

Sample Private Dining Menus
  • Menu #1

    • Dirty Carrot Hummus w/ Cornbread
    • Crayfish w/ Smoked Brown Butter & Hay Salt
    • Spiced Lamb Neck Fillet w/ Salted Cucumber, Feta & Yogurt Dressing
    • Harissa Roast Squash & Chickpeas
    • Waffles w/ Charred Strawberries, Mascarpone & Crushed Juniper

  • Menu #2

    • Vegetable Pakoras w/ Buttermilk & Coriander Dressing, Curry Pickles
    • Tandoori Crayfish w/ Fennel & Apple Salad, Mango, Lime & Chilli Salsa
    • Achari Spit Roast Chicken w/ Watermelon Rind Chutney, Beetroot Raita
    • Pearl Barley Pilaf & Spiced Flatbreads
    • Roasted Pineapple w/ Pistacchio & Orange Yogurt

  • Menu #3

    • Trout Ceviche w/ Jalapeno, Coriander and Spring Onion
    • Asado Salmon w/ Coal Roasted Leeks and Spring Onions, Chilli and Lemon
    • Butterflied Shoulder of Lamb w/ Garlic & Herbs
    • Charred Fennel and Peppers w/ Salsa Verde
    • Cherry Bakewell Pizza

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