Our Story

Born in Autumn 2017 out of a passion for local produce and seasonal ingredients, we set out on an adventure to bring people together through food and fire in and around the South East of England.


Since joining forces, we have strived to build a business focusing on local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients, surrounded by the outdoors and crackling fires. Eager to reconnect people with what’s on their plate, we have welcomed over 2000 diners to over 60 events, through supper clubs, catering and cookery courses. Passionate about showcasing local ingredients, we have successfully collaborated with over 35 local businesses to date.


At the core of The Salt Box is a loyal customer base, which is testament to our growing community of locavores – which in turn contributed to us winning Surrey Life’s Newcomer of the Year award in September 2018. In December 2018, we were also awarded the Surrey Hills Trademark.

Beckie and Christian at The Salt Box

The right place at the right time.

It all began with a chance meeting between a mutual friend which sparked an incredibly fruitful relationship both in our private and working lives. Billy goats were the order of business – we coordinated a local campaign with local businesses raising awareness of billy kid meat, often seen as a byproduct of the dairy industry, to capture the hearts (and bellies) of the local community.

We both have a incessant passion for adventure.

Beckie loves to travel the world (one dish at a time), and Christian loves nothing more than spending time in the surrounding Surrey Hills woodland.

Together, we have an incredibly creative outlook on the future of food.

Since joining forces, we have strived to create a business which focuses on local, sustainable and ethical ingredients, cooked simply over fire. Startled by the limited knowledge regarding food within today’s society, we are keen to reconnect people with what’s on their plate.


Many people ask us if we will ever open a restaurant together – and the answer is simply no.

We don’t want to be confined by four walls. We want to move within the seasons, the elements, surrounded by the outdoors and crackling fires. We believe this is what stops us from ever becoming bored as cooks and keeps us driving forward with new ideas, using what are essentially ancient cooking techniques.


Cooking over an open fire is the oldest and most primitive method of cooking known to man, yet not many people know how to do it properly.

It is incredibly important to us that we can pass on our skills and teach the next generation to respect and cherish the abundant bounty of ingredients that are available on our doorstep. We hope to demonstrate how to make use of your leftovers and overcome this throw away generation that we currently live in. Our aim is to create a business model whereby we can invite children and adults alike to come and cook with us in the woods in a relaxed atmosphere, no matter the weather.


Born out of a passion for local produce and seasonal ingredients, we’ve set out on an adventure to bring people together through food and fire in and around the South East of England.


A childhood in the Surrey Hills is where my passion for all things wild began.


Needless to say, homework was not my first port of call upon returning home from school – I’d head straight to the woods. Climbing trees, building dams across ditches and making mud forts. The woods are where I’m truly at peace and building fires to cook over in amongst the trees in the great outdoors makes me one very happy chap.


I first stepped foot in a working kitchen at the age of 15 – coming from a mainly vegetarian/vegan family, I had quite the baptism of fire when first confronted with a chiller full of pheasants. Discovering where food came from became a passion and I made it my mission to learn my craft utilising all animals from nose to tail, and all fresh produce from root to fruit.


Outside of the time working in the kitchen, my food inspired adventure also granted time working in a fantastic local butchery and farm shop, providing further insight into the importance of provenance and getting the most out of every part of the animal, as well as experience with curing meat, preserving and pickling local produce and baking bread, pies and pastries.


A life-long food loving, waste-hater with a passion for action and generating new ideas, I’ve always been motivated to inspiring others in the kitchen.


My passion for food was influenced by a childhood growing up in northern Italy, a region deeply proud of their relationship with their cuisine. It was ingrained in me from an early age that food was not mere fuel, but something to be savoured and enjoyed in the company of family and friends.


I also find great inspiration from my travels, tasting locally distinct foods and drinks that illuminate a region’s unique culture, geography, history, and lore. Since meeting Christian, as much as my love for travelling will never fade, my eyes have been opened to the incredible variety of produce available on our doorstep here in Surrey – and I can’t wait to share this message far and wide. 

After a decade working in a variety of Marketing, PR & Events roles within the Automotive Industry, I left the corporate world and the conventional 9 to 5 hungry for change. Creative by nature with an eye for detail, my events and marketing skills combined with Christian’s cooking experience and knowledge of locally sourced ingredients completed our puzzle.


Meet Freddie, The Salt Box’s CEO (that’s Child Executive Officer).


An eight year old with a passion for adventure, a great lover of the outdoors and a driving inspiration behind our ongoing commitment to sharing where our food comes from.   Getting him involved in the kitchen wherever we can is super important, fingers crossed he’ll be ready to run our events and courses any time soon!


He’s also got his very own cookery YouTube channel – which you can take a look at here.