Meet The Team

We’re an eclectic bunch here at The Salt Box, with a great balance of perspectives that never fails to deliver insight and inspiration. It’s all about finding the right people. We know that building a team that fits our concept and the overall ethos is key to offering our final guests a wonderful experience.


Everyone on our small but mighty team plays a fundamental role. We believe in building a family, more than a group of working people and we are interested in everyone’s background, ideas and suggestions. We L O V E our team – and we want you to love it (and get to them) too.

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About Our Co-Founders

Christian | Co-Founder & Director

A childhood in the Surrey Hills is where my passion for all things wild began. 


Needless to say, homework was not my first port of call upon returning home from school – i’d head straight to the woods. Climbing trees, building dams across ditches and making mud forts. The woods are where i’m truly at peace and building fires to cook over in amongst the trees in the great outdoors makes me one very happy chap. 


I first stepped foot in a working kitchen at the age of 15 – coming from a mainly vegetarian/vegan family, i had quite the baptism of fire when first confronted with a chiller full of pheasants. Discovering where food came from became a passion and I made it my mission to learn my craft utilising all animals from nose to tail, and all fresh produce from root to fruit. 


Outside of the time working in the kitchen, my food inspired adventure also granted time working in a fantastic local butchery and farm shop, providing further insight into the importance of provenance and getting the most out of every part of the animal, as well as experience with curing meat, preserving and pickling local produce and baking bread, pies and pastries. 

Beckie | Co-Founder & Director

Life-long food lover with a passion for everything outdoors.


My motivation comes through inspiring people through Food, flavour and culture. Bringing People together in the great outdoors.


My passion for food was influenced by a childhood growing up in northern Italy, a region deeply proud of their relationship with their cuisine. It was ingrained in me from an early age that food was not mere fuel, but something to be savoured and enjoyed in the company of family and friends.


I also find great inspiration from my travels, tasting locally distinct foods and drinks that illuminate a regions unique culture, geography, history and lore. Since meeting Christian, as much as my love for travelling will never fade, my eyes have been opened to the incredible variety of produce available on our doorstep here in Surrey – and i can’t wait to share this message far and wide.


After a decade working in a variety of Marketing, PR & Events roles within the Automotive Industry, I left the corporate world and the conventional 9 to 5 hungry for change. Creative by nature with an eye for detail, my events and marketing skills combined with Christians cooking experience and knowledge of locally sourced ingredients completed our puzzle. 

Join Our Team

Are you a passionate, hard-working individual with a passion for food and the great outdoors?

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If you are interested in joining us in 2023, please get in touch on [email protected]