Make your own Ammunition Box Smoker

Make your own smoker

Make your own Ammunition Box Smoker

This is a pretty simple mini project to get you started hot smoking with great success!

Smoke freshly caught fish, duck breasts or maybe even a venison loin in your very own portable smoker. We used a 50cal ammunition box, which had been buried in the depths of the shed doing nothing but taking up space, and repurposed it to give it a new lease of life. You can pick up a similar ammo box on eBay for £15-£20.

Ammunition Box Smoker

Repurposed Ammunition Box

Preparation Step 1:
There’s nothing fancy about this – it really is as simple as drilling evenly spaced holes a third of the way down the box to hold the skewers which act as a rack to hold your ingredients. We drilled a few holes in the top to allow for some smoke to escape as your food cooks. You can also use this to poke a temperature probe through one of the holes in the lid to check what temperature it’s running at, although I tend to smoke quickly – so it’s not necessarily essential.

Preparation Step 2:
Make sure you remove the rubber seal around the lid of the box, as this will just melt as soon as you place your box in the coals.

Preparation Step 3:
Before you use the smoker for the first time,  you’ll need to “burn it in”. I did this by closing the box and placing it empty in an open fire outside, to burn away any nasties. Turn your box as it begins to smoke to burn it on on all sides – we left ours in the fire for around 20 minutes.

You’re now ready to smoke!

Smoked Trout

Smoked Trout

Step 1:
Soak your wood chips. You need to soak your wood chips for at least 30 minutes so they don’t just burn away.

Step 2:
Place your smoking box onto a bed of coals and allow it to heat up. Add the chips to the bottom of the smoke box. You should see smoke developing quite quickly, if not the box may need to heat up a little more.

Step 3:
Add your brined/marinated meat and smoke as per your recipe.

This smoker is a perfect travelling companion for camping and fishing trips – everything you need packs inside it including the skewers for the rack, an airtight bag to store your wood chips of choice, a small jar of your favourite curing mix, temperature probe and even a small pair of tongs for removing your smoked goodies.

Need recipe ideas for smoking? Check out our recipe for spicy smoked trout.