Home Smoked Trout

Home Smoked Trout

Home Smoked Trout

This is a superbly simple recipe – quick, flavoursome and slightly spicy.

If you haven’t got a smoker, we’ve got a how-to guide on how to repurpose an ammunition box into your very own portable smoker.

The below recipe uses a really quick cure of 20 minutes, which firms up the flesh of the fish to give it slightly more bite once it has been smoked.

Use this smoked trout as a beautiful alternative twist on kedgeree instead of smoked haddock – or why not mix up your Sunday brunch and serve smoked trout eggs royale?


Curing the Trout

Multiply below quantities based on 1 fillet per person

Per 1 fillet rainbow trout:
2 tsp maldon sea salt flakes
1 tsp Baharat spice
1 bay leaf shredded
Pinch soft brown sugar
Almond wood chips


  1. Thoroughly mix together the salt, Baharat, bay leaf and brown sugar.
  2. Sprinkle the spice mix liberally over the trout fillet and leave to cure for 20 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, soak the almond wood chips in water.
  4. Rinse the trout fillet and pat dry.
  5. Set up your smoker, place in wood chips followed by the trout fillets.
  6. The box heats up quickly – so the trout shouldn’t need more than 10 minutes smoking.
  7. The fish should just flake when it’s done. Enjoy!


Smoked Trout