A small spark when nurtured correctly will turn into the beating heart of our fire. 

Watch our video on how to light a fire using spark-based ignition.

Ferro Rod & Striker Set

Beautiful one-of-a-kind wooden handled ferro rods made locally by our talented wood-smith James. Paired with a combo fire striker, which can be used with both ferro rod and traditional flint for spark ignited fires.

Char Cloth

Char cloth is our go to tinder for easy fire lighting using spark based ignition. A slow burning fuel with a low ignition point, making it great for catching even the dullest of sparks.

Fire Rake & Blower

The ultimate fire management tool, the Fire Rake and Blower allows you to move hot embers to exactly where you need them, whilst also helping to stoke the fire when it gets a bit smokey or needs a little helping hand.