Sourdough Demo & Supper with Bake with Jack

Join us in the barn for an exciting collaboration with Bake with Jack!
September 23, 2020

Start Time

7:00 pm

end Time

10:00 pm


£60 per person.

The Barn

The Salt Box

Red Oak Barn

Priory Farm Estate

South Nutfield

Surrey RH1 4EJ


Sourdough Demonstration with Bake with Jack

Seasonal Sourdough-infused Supper cooked by The Salt Box.

Your very own sourdough starter to take home with you.

Bottle of beer or glass of wine with dinner.

Sourdough is what all breads used to be before baker’s yeast was invented. It’s the mother earth of the bread world. As Jack would say – it’s the best thing since sliced bread, except it’s way older than that – in fact, it’s ancient!

In a world full of tempting culinary gadgets, we at The Salt Box still believe the old methods are the best; we cook over fire, we pickle and preserve, we forage and then we feast. Made using a natural starter, comprising fermented water and flour that leavens the bread naturally, sourdough fits in nicely with our back to nature philosophy. It really brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘I made it from scratch’.


So we’re excited to be teaming up with Surrey-based professional chef turned breadmaker, Jack Sturgess, to bring you a sourdough extravaganza. Jack believes that a solid understanding of the breadmaking process yields far more than simply following a recipe, but also understands the importance of keeping home-baking simple and easy. Buzzing from a recent appearance on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, Jack will give us an instructive sourdough demo, during which we’ll feed you tasty snacks while you ask Jack your bready questions.


Taste buds tickled, you’ll then join your fellow guests around our shared dining tables for a delicious, seasonal supper, cooked over fire and served in our cosy barn. Our tasty menu will naturally centre around our star(ter) ingredient, with dishes including chilli, fennel and orange crab on sourdough toast with green sweet chilli, and beer braised short rib sourdough trencher, with smoked garlic mayo and pink onions.


TBT  (To be tasty)


Our menus are best suited for flexible, adventurous eaters with a strong focus on seasonally and locally inspired ingredients, including wild and foraged foods sourced from nature’s larder.


Due to the nature of our events and in order to uphold high-quality standards we are only able to accommodate limited dietary requests at our dining events and cookery courses. Our dining events are intimate affairs with small groups, centred around a set menu lovingly prepared in our remote woodland kitchen by our small kitchen team, therefore preparing a separate menu to cater for dietary needs is not always possible. 

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Sourdough Demo Course with Bake with Jack at The Salt Box
Sourdough Demo Course with Bake with Jack at The Salt Box
Sourdough Demo Course with Bake with Jack at The Salt Box

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