Feather and Fur Small Game Butchery & Cookery

Join us in our woodland kitchen for a day spent learning how to butcher and cook a selection of seasonal wild game.

October 29, 2022

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The Woods

The Salt Box

Red Oak Barn

Priory Farm Estate

South Nutfield

Surrey RH1 4EJ

What's Included

Freshly brewed tea, coffee and soft drinks

20 minute Foraging Walk

Fire-lighting Workshop

Small Game Butchery Workshop

Fire Cookery Workshop

Digital recipe pack

All ingredients and equipment

Learn how to pluck, draw and butcher feathered small wild game such as pigeons, pheasants or duck or skin and joint small game like rabbits and squirrels.

Surrounded by the crackle and pop of our fires, we’ll guide you through the ancient skill of creating and cooking over an open fire in a relaxed and informative environment beneath the trees.


At The Salt Box, each and every menu, supper or event is centred around the flames. Whether it’s cooking our food, warming our guests or simply providing light for us to work by, we are never far from a fire. With this course, we aim to restore this ancient skill and demonstrate how an outdoor feast tastes far better cooked over the flames.


Our food-filled adventure starts with a foraging walk up to our woodland glen, gathering a selection of wild ingredients on our way. We will give you tips on how to identify seasonal hedgerow edibles, introducing you to the tasty morsels that nature’s larder has to offer. After a restorative cuppa, we will then turn our attention to the main business of the day; skinning and butchering our seasonal game. Using the whole animal from nose to tail and showing you how to reduce waste getting the most from the animal, we will talk through multiple ways of preparing each cut, stocks and sauces and the best ways to store your meat. 


You will learn to build, light and control your fire, which you’ll take responsibility for throughout the day. We will guide you in your wood selection and teach you to spark your flame by demonstrating multiple methods. Fires crackling and curiosity sparked, we will then introduce you to a medley of different cooking methods, using your new skills to create a magnificent wild game feast. 


The focus of all of our courses is showing you the incredible potential seasonal and local ingredients have in your outdoor kitchen, as well as how to incorporate new techniques into your everyday cooking. Our courses are designed to be informative yet relaxed. For us, cooking over fire is not just about cooking a delicious meal, but spending time in the great outdoors.


Whether you’re flying solo or joining us with friends and family, all of our workshops are centred around enjoying the fruits of your labour throughout the day – expect to head home smelling of wood smoke, with plenty of food and fire in your bellies. At the end of the day, we’ll send you home with our Fire Cookery Guide and Recipe pack.

What We Cover

The benefits of eating wild game and the effect it has on our natural environment.


How to skin and butcher a selection of small wild game, using the whole animal from nose to tail (or beak to bottom!) and showing you how to reduce waste getting the most from the animal.


How to cook a veritable feast, with a chance to try lots of different techniques.


Cookery and knife skills, which can easily be translated into your day to day cooking at home.


Fire lighting and fire management

Dietary Requirements

Our menus are best suited for flexible, adventurous eaters, and isn’t suitable for vegetarians.

Please note we aren’t able to cater for specific dietary requirements on our Cookery Courses.

Please Note

This course is suitable for guests aged 16+.


The course content is subject to change.

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Sustainably minded cooks dedicated to curating unique Feasts Over Fire and Cookery Workshops

The Salt Box is a celebration of seasonal food and open-fire cookery through the coming together of people beneath the trees, creating delicious food from nature’s humble ingredients. We celebrate locally sourced and wild ingredients through our wide range of courses and dining events, in the great outdoors surrounded by crackling fires.