Cooking Over Fire | Autumn

Join us for a day in the woods celebrating cooking over fire in the great outdoors.

November 1, 2020

Start Time
10:00 am
End Time
4:30 pm


£125 per person

Minimum of 2 guests per booking.

The Woods

The Salt Box

Red Oak Barn

Priory Farm Estate

South Nutfield

Surrey RH1 4EJ

What's Included

Tea/coffee & refreshments throughout the day.


Cookery Workshop

3-4 Dishes

E-mail recipe pack

All ingredients, equipment and apron will be provided

Learn how to tame the flames and create delicious meals in a relaxed and informative environment at our Introduction to Cooking Over Fire course, surrounded by the crackle and pop of fires beneath the trees.

Here in our private woodland glen on the Priory Farm Estate, you’ll learn the ancient skill of creating and cooking over an open fire.


At The Salt Box, each and every menu, supper or event is centred around the flames. Whether it’s cooking our food, warming our guests or simply providing light for us to work by, we are never far from a fire. And yet the skill of creating fire has been lost to the convenience of lighters, matches and an ever-more-sophisticated range of equipment. With this course, we aim to restore this ancient skill and demonstrate how an outdoor feast tastes far better cooked over the fire.


Our food-filled adventure starts with a foraging walk up to our woodland glen, gathering a selection of wild ingredients on our way. We will give you tips on how to identify seasonal hedgerow edibles, highlighting the tasty morsels that nature’s larder has to offer. 


After a restorative cuppa in our woodland kitchen (equipped with a large shelter in case of particularly uncooperative weather!), we will then turn our attention to the main business of the day; lighting our fires. You will learn to build, light and control your very own fire on a Kadai fire bowl throughout the day. We will also guide you in your wood selection and teach you to spark your flame by demonstrating multiple methods. You’ll manage your own fires throughout the day, upon which you will cook a medley of delicious dishes!


Fires crackling and curiosity sparked, we will then introduce you to a medley of different cooking methods. This may include cooking with a spit roast, the Dutch oven, wooden planks, skillets, grilling or hot smoking. 


Featuring the finest locally and seasonally inspired wild game, meats and fresh produce – it will be time for you to get cooking, using your new skills to create a magnificent feast. And what better place to lunch than in the great outdoors under our woodland canopy?


Keen to pass on methods that are safe for the environment and for yourselves, we will also give you tips on how to sustainably source your firewood and also advise you on how to practice your new skill as safely as possible.


Expect to head home smelling of wood smoke, with plenty of food and fire in your bellies. We’ll send you home with an email recipe pack so that you can get started at home straight away.


Please note that due to the additional COVID-19 restrictions in place, tickets to our Cooking Over Fire courses are currently only available for a minimum of 2 guests per booking. Each pair will share a fire-pit and cookery station, to ensure social distancing between all guests.

What We Cover

Traditional fire lighting using flint and steel.

Fire management and the different ways to use your fire to cook delicious meals.

Knife safety.

Wood selection and uses.

A selection of methods for cooking over fire – which may include using a spit roast, dutch oven, wooden planks, skillets, grilling or hot smoking.

How to prepare 3-4 dishes, using a selection of cookery methods over the fire.

Our menus are best suited for flexible, adventurous eaters with a strong focus on seasonally and locally inspired ingredients, including wild and foraged foods sourced from nature’s larder.

Dietary Requirements

Please note we cannot cater for vegetarian, dairy or gluten free diets for this course.

Please Note

The course content is subject to change.


Please note that due to the additional COVID-19 restrictions in place, tickets to our Cooking Over Fire courses are currently only available for a minimum of 2 guests per booking. Each pair will share a fire-pit and cookery station, to ensure social distancing between all guests.

For our Refund Policy, please view our Terms and Conditions.
cooking over fire with the salt box
The Salt Box Reopening post COVID-19
Guests at a Cookery Course at The Salt Box

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The Salt Box is a celebration of seasonal food and open-fire cookery through the coming together of people beneath the trees, creating delicious food from nature’s humble ingredients. We celebrate locally sourced and wild ingredients through our wide range of courses and dining events, in the great outdoors surrounded by crackling fires.

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