Autumn Equinox - Guided Meditation

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recognise the force we seek outside is within us

join each other in real companionship with no agenda

letting things, people, places go (if possible with love) if they don’t serve your soul

letting in people, places things that do nourish your soul

in the quiet moments allow yourself remember

enjoy music and move freely, always find humour (at most things)

look beyond your possessions, have a taste for learning

eat good food that nourishes your soul, see the beauty that’s in your heart

be satisfied with being enough

to remember if comparison seeps the kindest act is to stop before your heart hurts

live in the present (and to realise that at times it is challenging to live in the present)

have the courage to question, embrace the normal moments because they are all gifts of life

remember the friends in your life, hug your tears when they come

be proud of profound moments that come with living this life

most things people forget so you don’t need to worry about remembering everything

love with all of your heart, relinquish expectation

to wander and be in awe

once in your life lie on a beautiful bed of moss and lean into her embrace

realise this moment is all we have.

may you have and enjoy an agreeable life.


Love Ati x