Hand Carved Ferro Rod and Striker Set – Forked Handle

£60.00 incl. VAT

  • Beautiful one-of-a-kind wooden handled ferro rods made locally by our talented woodsmith James. Paired with a combo fire striker, which can be used with both ferro rod and traditional flint for spark ignited fires.
  • Lighting a fire, even in the pouring rain, is a skill every adventurer should have. If you cook over fire, either in the comfort of your own garden or out on adventures, these ferro rods and strikers are a must!
  • Perfect for adults and families alike. Please note we do recommend that it’s used under adult supervision.
  • As these items are small-batch hand-made, there will be slight variations per product.
  • Each kit will come with:
    • A tin of our pre-made char cloth to get you started.
    • A piece of flint
    • 1 unique hand-carved ferro rod and fire striker
    • All in a bespoke hand-made wax cotton drawstring bag, made by our friends at Fieldware Co. in Devon and embroidered with our signature flame – to carry your ferro rod and striker with you wherever you go.

Char cloth is our go to tinder for easy fire lighting using spark based ignition. We use it in all of our fire lighting workshops. We use 100% pure cotton to create our char cloth. Char cloth is a slow burning fuel with a low ignition point making it great for catching even the dullest of sparks.